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2016, IMDb 6.5
Released: 09 Feb 2016
IMDb: 6.5
Genres: Comedy
Director: Mike Young
Actors: Bob Saget, Jay R Ferguson, Michael Rapaport, Moran Atias, Jay R. Ferguson

A Stand Up Guy: A low-level mobster takes a stab at stand-up comedy while in the Witness Protection Program.

2016, IMDb 6.5
Released: 19 Jan 2016
IMDb: 6.5
Genres: Action, Short
Director: Devin Graham, Adrian Picardi
Actors: Danny August Mason, Matt Lynch, Sasha Andreev, Amanda Day

Tom Clancys the Division Agent Origins: A devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City on Black Friday, and one by one, basic services fail. Within weeks, society collapses into chaos, and the government activates The ...

2015, IMDb 5.5
Released: 14 Mar 2015
IMDb: 5.5
Genres: Thriller
Director: Adam Mason
Actors: Jeremy Sisto, Kate Ashfield, Ryan Simpkins, Ty Simpkins

Hangman: Returning from vacation, the Miller family find their home has been broken into. After cleaning up the mess they continue with their lives, shaking off the feeling of being violated. But little do they know the nightmare has just begun.

2015, IMDb 7.6
Released: 06 Nov 2015
IMDb: 7.6
Genres: Comedy, Documentary, Sport
Director: Colin Jones, Darren McCullough

UnReal: Follows several individuals breaking out of their mundane lives and entering into the adventurous thrill-seeking world of mountain biking.

2016, IMDb 6.2
Released: 05 Feb 2016
IMDb: 6.2
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner
Actors: Kate Beahan, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Susan Burke, Zoe Cooper, Chad Villella, Kristina Pesic, Courtney Bandeko

Southbound: Five interlocking tales of terror follow the fates of a group of weary travellers who confront their worst nightmares - and darkest secrets - over one long night on a desolate stretch of desert highway.

2016, IMDb 7.2
Released: 12 Feb 2016
IMDb: 7.2
Genres: Documentary, Thriller
Director: Michael Beach Nichols, Christopher K. Walker

Welcome to Leith: 'Welcome to Leith' is a feature documentary chronicling the attempted takeover of a small town in North Dakota by notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb. Filmed in the days leading up to ...

2015, IMDb 4.5
Released: 04 Dec 2015
IMDb: 4.5
Genres: Thriller
Director: Vishal Pandya
Actors: Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan, Karan Singh Grover, Daisy Shah

Hate Story 3: Someone takes revenge from successful business man "Aditya". For what he did in past to achieve this success.

2016, IMDb 5.5
Released: 06 Feb 2016
IMDb: 5.5
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Leslie Libman
Actors: Eden Brolin, Grace Victoria Cox, Greer Grammer, Mackenzie Mauzy

Mansons Lost Girls: In the summer of 1969, Linda Kasabian (MacKenzie Mauzy) travels to a California ranch where cult leader Charles Manson (Jeff Ward) orders his followers to commit heinous crimes.

2016, IMDb 9.0
Released: 29 Jan 2016
IMDb: 9.0
Genres: Documentary
Director: Brian Oakes
Actors: Diane Foley, James Foley, John Foley, Michael D. Joseph

Jim: The James Foley Story: An in-depth look at the life and work of American journalist James Foley, who was killed by ISIS terrorists in 2014.

1977, IMDb 7.7
Released: 08 Jul 1977
IMDb: 7.7
Genres: Documentary
Director: Joachim Fest, Christian Herrendoerfer
Actors: Édouard Daladier, Admiral Le Luc, Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, Albert Speer, Alfred Jodl, Arno Breker, Artur Axmann, Benito Mussolini, Charles Chaplin, Charles Huntziger, Emperor Franz Josef, Erich Raeder, Ernest Bevin, Ernst Lubitsch, Ernst Röhm, Erwin Rommel, Eva Braun, Franz von Papen, Fritz Kortner, Galeazzo Ciano, General Bergeret, Gert Westphal, Harry Giese, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Josef Goebbels, Julius Streicher, Karl Dönitz, King Victor Emmanu

Hitler, a Career : This meticuously assembled fim dissects the Third Reich with a keen analytical blade, charting Hitler's improbable rise, his mastery of imagery and crowd psychology, and his consummate skill in exploiting the weakness in others.

2014, IMDb 6.2
Released: 07 Oct 2014
IMDb: 6.2
Genres: Documentary, History, News
Director: Grey Fay
Actors: Bryan Ferry, Charles Finch, Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell

Annabels A String of Naked Lightbulbs: In June 1963, Mark Birley, son of society portrait painter Sir Oswald Birley, opened a nightclub in a dusty, disused basement underneath No. 44 Berkeley Square in Mayfair, London. He named ...

2016, IMDb 3.3
Released: 29 Jan 2016
IMDb: 3.3
Genres: Comedy
Director: Michael Tiddes
Actors: Florence Henderson, Jane Seymour, Russell Peters, Fred Willard, Kali Hawk, Marlon Wayans, Mike Epps

Fifty Shades of Black: An inexperienced college student meets a wealthy businessman whose sexual practices put a strain on their relationship.

Released: 24 Apr 2015
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Short
Director: Luke Meneok
Actors: Devin Bateson, Torin Langen, Stu Keays, Cheryl Tate

The Art of the Wushu: An occult horror prequel to the genre-bending short film, Blackbags. This focuses on the supernatural origins of masked murderer, the Meathead, who has been conjured up from the depths of ...

2014, IMDb 5.0
Released: 30 Dec 2014
IMDb: 5.0
Genres: Action
Director: Ke Zhou
Actors: Xiangguo Chang, Mai Jintong, Cheng Ni, Hongbo Shi

The Master: When martial arts master Chen Xiang refuses to join the armies of the Qing Prince, his mother and his students are seized. To save them, Chen has only one path: all-out war.

2016, IMDb 5.9
Released: 05 Feb 2016
IMDb: 5.9
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Director: Andrew Nackman
Actors: Chord Overstreet, Evan Todd, Jon Gabrus, Parker Young

4th Man Out: A car mechanic in a small, working class town comes out of the closet to his unsuspecting, blue-collar best friends.

Released: 01 Jan 2016
Genres: Action, Thriller
Director: Bruno Vaussenat
Actors: Danny Glover, Hind Attassi, Kendra Waldman, Olivier Gruner, Petra Silander

Darkweb: A mysterious group has created a sadistic venture. Kidnapping young women, they auction the rights to hunt them to millionaires with a thirst for blood - and broadcast the hunt on the dark web for the world to see.

2015, IMDb 6.6
Released: 01 Sep 2015
IMDb: 6.6
Genres: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Director: Lukas Bossuyt
Actors: Leo Achten, Charlotte Anne Bongaerts, Koen De Graeve, Bart Hollanders

The Sum of Histories: What would you do if you could change the past?

2015, IMDb 5.0
Released: 27 Aug 2015
IMDb: 5.0
Genres: Action
Director: Zhen Ren
Actors: Bing Shao, Dong Xuan, Peng Bo

Wild Desert: A group of seven friends decide to cross the Gobi desert by bike....

2015, IMDb 6.0
Released: 28 May 2015
IMDb: 6.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Christopher Sun Lap Key
Actors: Singh Hartihan Bitto, Justin Cheung, Babyjohn Choi, Deon Chung

Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal: Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal, is a 2015 Hong Kong prison comedy film directed by Christopher Sun and starring Gregory Wong, Justin Cheung, Tommy Wong, Liu Kai-chi, Babyjohn Choi and Jessy Li.

2016, IMDb 4.0
Released: 25 Jan 2016
IMDb: 4.0
Genres: Horror
Director: George Clarke
Actors: Alan Crawford, Rachael Galloway, Griffin Madill, Matthew McCreary

The Blood Harvest: Onus meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in a twisted game of kill or be killed.

Released: 26 Jan 2016
Genres: Documentary, Drama
Director: Katharine English

Murder Games: The Life and Death of Breck Bednar: Murder Games tells the true story of Breck Bednar, the 14 year-old schoolboy who was lured to his death after being groomed online by Lewis Daynes.

Released: 03 Feb 2016
Genres: Documentary
Director: Lynn Alleway

Camila's Kids Company: The Inside Story: With astonishingly intimate and unique access, this film tells the dramatic, unfolding story of the demise of one of Britain's best-known charities and the ultimate fall from grace of its founder Camila Batmanghelidjh.

2016, IMDb 3.0
Released: 02 Feb 2016
IMDb: 3.0
Genres: Horror
Director: Justin Price
Actors: David E Cazares, Michele Soza, Micheal Catalano, David E. Cazares, Deanna Grace Congo, Tony Gomez

Forsaken: When a Priest discovers his wife is deathly ill, he decides to go against his faith and use his knowledge of exorcisms to possess her in order to save her life.

2016, IMDb 4.8
Released: 05 Feb 2016
IMDb: 4.8
Genres: Comedy
Director: Ella Lemhagen
Actors: Claudia Cardinale, Raoul Bova, Rosie Day, Sarah Jessica Parker

All Roads Lead to Rome: Maggie is an uptight, single mother and college writing teacher from New York City. In an effort to reconnect with her troubled teen daughter Summer, she decides to embark on a journey to a...

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